Saturday, August 12, 2017

Uganda in B&W

Everyday Life in Uganda

Fetching Water
It is usually the children that have the task of fetching the water.

Zebra line-up
Lake Mburo NP, Uganda

Going to market
Chickens on a boda boda headed to the market

Hard Work
Pushing his load of matoke up and down the hills on the way to market.

Doing her part
In the village, children have to do their part.

Introduced in Uganda in 1903 by the colonial government, and later to the Buganda Courts as presents, bicycles were originally a mark of prestige providing a better transport option at the courts, replacing the “Emiruno” or stretcher group used to transport Chiefs / Kings. Later they were acquired by the trading community and became an important tool in the transportation of cash crops like coffee, cotton and tobacco.

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